Exclusive SSE Alumni book launch
The highly anticipated launch of the SSE Alumni Book Pathfinders - in their own words will take place at this year's Homecoming on May 4. The book contains a compilation of personal, intriguing and untold stories from SSE Alumni and will be accompanied by an exhibition of portraits in the school. Please note that the book is not available for purchase, though limited copies will be gifted to all Homecoming attendees.
Celebrating 10 years of art with Magasin III
This year marks ten years since the SSE Art Initiative was born. To celebrate this, we will be screening a film collaboration between SSE and Magasin III in the school's atrium. This is part of Art Initiative's mission to challenge and expand students' perspectives on the world by integrating art into the educational environment.
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Grow your start-up with SSE Business Lab
Louise Croneborg-Jones graduated from SSE Executive MBA with a vision: she was determined to ramp up adaptation to climate change. From her previous career at the World Bank in Africa, she knew how important of a resource water is and how poorly rivers and rainfall are measured. With this problem in mind, she founded the startup Water in Sight. Today, the company simplifies and enhances complex measurements - a crucial input to managing water and climate risks. 

Want to join startups like Water in Sight and follow in the footsteps of companies like Klarna, Budbee and Voi? Apply to SSE Business Lab before Sunday, May 14!
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"My studies at SSE, collaborations with fellow students, and the support from SSE Business Lab have been essential in helping me build this tech startup. I highly recommend all entrepreneurial alumni to apply with their ideas"
Louise Croneborg-Jones
Welcome to Handelsspexet 2023
In this reimagination of the first ever moon-landing, watch the bitter rivalry between VASA and CCP, two space-centers competing to be the first company to reach the moon and claim it as their own. All is not as it seems though, as personal conflicts, unexpected romance and cold betrayal get in the way of everyone's plans. All this and more in Handelsspexet 2023 - The Space Race, a spectacular culmination of SASSE's most creative project!

When? Friday, May 12 at 18:30
Where? Intiman, Odengatan 81
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The Economics of Biodiversity: Implications for policy and practice 
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta will discuss progress on integrating biodiversity into economics.

May 2, 15:30-17:00 CET
SSE, Auditorium
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Don't miss the SSE party of the year where alumni from all over the world come back to Sveavägen 65. If you're not already signed up, make sure you do before April 24.

May 4, 17:30-00:00 CET
SSE, Sveavägen 65
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How do family businesses build brands for the future?
Welcome to a seminar about how the family behind one of Sweden's most famous consumer brands – Löfbergs – builds it brand with patience and a long-term view.

May 10, 12:00-13:00 CET
Sveavägen 65, Room Ragnar
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Become Time Rich and Live Your Best Life
Welcome to a breakfast talk where Harvard Professor Ashley Whillans will share science-based strategies for improving our relationship with time.

June 1, 08:00-09:00
SSE, precise location TBC

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Honouring Gisèle Asplund
In March, SSE network Mélange Unique des Femmes Fameuses Économiques (est. 1966) came together to celebrate Dr. Gisèle Asplund, the first woman to complete a doctoral degree at SSE. In 2021, the City Planning Committee of Stockholm dedicated a set of stairs in her name, which can be found near to the school.
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